Dryer Balls

Pat & Ronda
A Sustainable Home Owners

Pat & Ronda, owners of the ash refillery - A Sustainable Home.
Pat & Ronda, building ASH from scratch.

Pat and I have both been small business owners for 20+ years living and loving our entrepreneur spirit. Pat owned and operated a well drilling business and convenience store with her husband until he passed and she retired from them. I have owned and operated Coastal Kitchens and Interiors with my husband and work alongside him in McNulty Construction still today.

ASH will be a place to socially gather and learn about the many products we offer. How people can use them in their own clean, Zero Waste Home.

We chose South Haven because we have been a part of the community for what feels like a lifetime and it has become our extended family. Our mission is to bring this convenient Zero Waste approach to our family, friends, and community we love so much. It’s also our goal to bring awareness to the ever-growing problem that plastic presents to the planet and the future of our next generations.

Adopting a Zero Waste Lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard, it’s one step at a time and small changes can lead to big results.